Judith Linhares

Anglim Gilbert Gallery, San Francisco, B52

Courtesy: Anglim Gilbert Gallery, San Francisco

Courtesy: Anglim Gilbert Gallery, San Francisco

Anglim Gilbert Gallery proposes a survey presentation of the work of Judith Linhares (born 1940). With paintings and drawings from 1971 to the 1990’s, the Spotlight presentation would give a critical reappraisal of Linhares’ figurative practice and her own brand of feminist imagery that first received national attention in Marcia Tucker’s exhibition “Bad Painting” at the New Museum in 1978.

Our gallery first exhibited Linhares in 1978 and continued over 30 years with 8 solo and many group shows. Linhares’ approach has been through stylized narrative, with distorted figures dominating a colorful expressionistic setting. Combining a sense of fairytale and mythology, her narratives are brash with empowered women and animals. 

The booth presentation will offer early drawings and gouache-on-paper paintings (from the 70’s and 80”s) and show some of her most engaging paintings up through the 90’s. Linhares’ artistic career began in California in the early 70’s and she attributes her images of strong women in nature to her California upbringing. Working in New York since 1979, she has had an influence on a younger generation of figurative painters.

Linhares has lectured, often making the point that she preferred the artworks in the hallways to the ones in the main galleries - a way of favoring the eccentric voice over the canon. Her own works are in many American museum collections including the Whitney Museum in NY, the Smithsonian Institution of American Art, SFMOMA, Yale University Art Gallery, and the Berkeley Museum of Art.

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