Kamrooz Aram, Ana Mazzei, Seher Shah and Randhir Singh

Green Art Gallery, Dubai (H4)

Green Art Gallery presents a multinational mix of artists working in painting, sculpture and printmaking. The presentation includes a new painting by Kamrooz Aram (b. 1978, Shiraz), sculptural work by Ana Mazzei (b. 1980, São Paulo), produced during her residency at Gasworks, London and cyanotypes prints by Seher Shah (b. 1975, Karachi) and Randhir Singh (b. 1976, New Delhi).

The tension between ornament and abstraction present in Aram‘s paintings is amplified in his sculptural works. They evoke a museum sensibility and function as both the backdrop and framing devices for ceramics. The addition of painting as a scenic device is present in the sculptures of Brazilian artist Ana Mazzei, in a way that embraces the notion of theatricality and spectatorship. Studies in Form, a collaborative body of cyanotype prints between artist Seher Shah and photographer Randhir Singh, explores overlapping ideas in architecture, photography, drawing and printmaking. The series builds on these overlaps and their ongoing interest into concepts of architectural scale.