Kim Coleman & Jenny Hogarth

A seamless projection of stage-managed and live events


UK-based collaborators Kim Coleman and Jenny Hogarth present Players, a seamless projection of stage-managed and live events filmed at the fair, which transform the exposition into a mise-en-scene featuring unwitting visitors, gallerists and fair workers.

Players aims to heighten our sensual awareness of the staging of the fair: mixing the premeditated and the spontaneous, what is to be scrutinised and what is not, what is appreciated and what is taken for granted. As the entire fair becomes subject to and of the work, Players effectively changes the experience of viewing from spectacle to participatory event.

Kim Coleman (b. 1976) is a Northern Irish artist based in London and Jenny Hogarth (b. 1979) is a Scottish artist based in Edinburgh; they have been working together since 2003. Recent solo exhibitions include: ‘Glare’, S1 Artspace, Sheffield, ‘Act Natural’, Picture This, Bristol and the Museum of Bath at Work, Bath (both 2009); ‘Nought to Sixty’ (with the Boyle Family), ICA, London (2008) and ‘Timebank’, Associates, London (2007).