Koppe Astner

Dickon Drury and Kris Lemsalu, H15

Dickon Drury, The Who's Who of Whos, 2016, oil and oil stick on linen flax, 210 x 140 cm

Dickon Drury, The Who's Who of Whos, 2016, oil and oil stick on linen flax, 210 x 140 cm

Koppe Astner presents a two-person presentation by Dickon Drury and Kris Lemsalu.

Drury displays a new series of paintings in which a continuous fictitious narrative evolves across various scenes happening simultaneously and in close proximity. Oscillating between fiction and illusion, Drury’s images embrace fantasy as a vehicle for investigating the practice of painting. With a seductive object asking to be touched or a set of eyes meeting our gaze, Drury tempts the viewer to engage with the painted surface. The impossibility of acting on this pulls a curtain on the illusionary world and returns us to the physical reality of oil paint on canvas.

Lemsalu presents I will be seven When we meet in Heaven, an installation in which two figures appear to be in a standoff. They wear caps surmounted by veils of chimes and matching porcelain cast sweaters. Each figure holds a hairdryer like a pistol. The air from the hairdryers activates the chimes, a humorous outcome to a seemingly confrontational composition. Lemsalu explores life, death and time through her amalgamate sculptures that reference stories she has heard and texts she has read. Her sense of irony and the absurd playfully disrupt and re-establish everyday life, suggesting the possibility of overcoming a system of oppression from within. Juxtaposing fragile ceramics with bold colours and synthetic fabrics Lemsalu builds a unique visual language that is at once seductive, repulsive and socially critical.

The selected works employ narrative to challenge ideas of materiality and the limitations of the physical world.