Kraupa-Tuskany Zeidler

Anna Uddenberg, H18


Courtesy of artist and the gallery.

Courtesy of artist and the gallery.

Uddenberg’s work investigates how body culture, spirituality, and self-staging are intertwined with the mediation and production of subjectivity by new technologies and forms of circulation through the feedback loop of consumerist culture. Her practice is a space for reflecting on taste/class, appropriation, and sexuality, which integrates earlier approaches to gender theory while pushing these questions into new and intensively material territories.

For the past year Uddenberg's was mainly focusing on her sculptural practice. For her Focus presentation, Uddenberg will combine her sculptural work with performative aspects that played a crucial role in the beginning of her career, blurring the borders between viewer and object, producer and product, desire and the desirable.

Anna Uddenberg, born 1982 in Stockholm, Sweden, lives and works in Berlin.