Lorna Simpson

Hauser & Wirth, Multiple locations

Momentum, 2011

Widely recognized for her conceptual photography, combining image and text, as well as her videos, sculptures, paintings, collages and drawings, Lorna Simpson (b. 1960, Brooklyn; lives in New York) addresses critical issues of gender, identity, culture, history, memory and representation within her practice.

Blending performance and film, the video work Momentum presents a corps de ballet of dancers configured in different groupings, whose bodies, leotards, slippers, and hair are painted gold. At times in repose and at times on pointe actively spinning in consecutive pirouettes, the dancers alternate between rest and motion, accentuating periods of waiting and periods of intense physical exertion. Facing the camera in lieu of the audience or the dancers’ mirror, the footage repeats across two channels, creating a double, looped frame, slightly staggered in time. The result is a syncopated set of movements, wherein the artist’s own editing process determines the rhythmic score of the work, and creates its own self-referential memory of the performers.