Luis Flores

Salon 94, New York (DLG1)

Luis Flores (born 1985, Los Angeles) lives in Los Angeles.

Luis Flores is a multidisciplinary artist whose work ranges from sculpture, installation, and video performance to painting and drawing. Uniting these disparate practices is his interest in the visualization of gender, masculinity, and sexuality as mediated through performative self- portraiture.

The title, If you sit in shit for too long, you start to get used to the smell, is derived from an interview actor Jenifer Lewis gave to Jezebel. As the artist began to reflect on this idea he realized how easy it is for us to become comfortable with any given situation and, in that comfort, let complacency set in. As a result, we begin to take fewer risks for fear of losing that familiar comfort. We stop trusting ourselves and don’t push forward—we stop aspiring for greatness. The work being presented is a reaction to the phrase used as its title.

Luis Flores received his B.A. from the University of California, Los Angeles and later went on to receive his M.F.A. from the California Institute of the Arts. He has had solo exhibitions at Salon 94, New York; at Galerie Hussenot, Paris; and has participated in group exhibitions at Jeffrey Deitch, Los Angeles and Matthew Brown Gallery, Los Angeles.