Maria Loboda

A color-coded garden replicating a 19th century illustration of a European interior design motif 

Maria Loboda’s work analyzes systems of communications, underscoring the transformative power of languages and codes. Reflecting upon the relationship between nature and verbal communication, Loboda has realized a number of works in which the natural world is analyzed through the lens of language. Taking as inspiration the lush parkland of Randall’s Island, the artist will turn an area of the park into a color-coded garden, an exact replica of an illustration of a European interior design motif from the 19th century. Interested in the precision of color mapping, the artist translated the two-dimensional image into a living landscape of plants, flowers and shrubs, highlighting not only the relationship between interior and exterior, but also between two and three-dimensional landscapes. Loboda’s project incorporated a bespoke perfume that takes as its inspiration an abstraction of tobacco. Loboda’s aspiration was to transport the audience of the work to a smoking room populated by elegant women who are exchanging ideas for their next worldwide art adventures. Loboda worked with the Swiss fragrance business Firmenich to realize her Project, which was supported by The Fragrance Foundation.