Mariela Scafati

Isla Flotante, Buenos Aires (DLG5)

Mariela Scafati (b. 1973; lives and works in Buenos Aires).

The installations of paintings make use of old clothing, furniture, and rope. The fabrics take the shape of paintings which drag along the floor and wall, climbing up furniture, and hanging down from the ceiling. The use of color distinguishes the objects and resemble bodily form.

Mariela Scafati’s abstract paintings defy traditional expectations. They are often unframed, jutting out from the wall, or obstructed by hanging objects, such as clothing, furniture, or rope. A strong social activist in gender, identity and sexual issues, her work also expresses concerns with color and the history of Modernism. Scafati’s installations push boundaries, through their framing of her painting as a spatial puncture rather than an image. For her project Niebla, Scafati has created a suite of paintings that resemble human figures. Two- dimensional paintings transform into three- dimensional, interactive experiences.

Mariela Scafati is a queer serigraphist, painter, and professor. Scafati obtained a Visual Arts degree from the E.S.A.V in Bahía Blanca. She attended the workshops of Guillermo Kuitca, among others. Scafati has done exhibitions in Argentina, Brazil, España, and Francia; and collaborates in group projects related to serigraphy, education, radio and theatre. Her work is held in the collections of the Guggenheim (New York), Reina Sofia Museum (Spain), and The Latin American Museum of Art (MALBA) (Argentina), among others.