Matt Copson, Mélanie Matranga, Nathan Zeidman

High Art, Paris (H3)

For Frieze London Focus 2019, High Art brings a group show by gallery artists Matt Copson, Mélanie Matranga and Nathan Zeidman. The presentation will advance from the idea of the soliloquy: the act of talking to oneself in front of an audience. Establishing the booth as an imagined stage, the works in the show bring an internal dialogue in a performative manner.  

Matt Copson’s (b. 1992, London) work cogently employs theatrical devices alongside artistic tropes to approach notions of contemporaneity, abstraction, eternal recurrence, automation and the uncanny. Utilizing examples from ancient philosophy to folklore, Copson introduces familiar characters sometimes partially rendered or in the process of abstraction. Usually speaking out in the form of a soliloquy, these characters are seen coming to terms with their current state or predicament. A predicament that can only be described as difficult to grasp and impossible to resolve.

Mélanie Matranga (b. 1985, Marseille) creates immersive environments through specific displays of her sculptures as ensemble scenery. Inhabiting space as gestural sentences or utterances, fluxes of affections and speech drift through manipulated objects within a permeable habitat where intimacy and community seem to blur into one other.

Nathan Zeidman’s (b. 1990, Camden) depictions of windowfronts and deserted landscapes composite the interior journal of a solitary flaneur. Through a spasmodic collection of instants and places, brief moments are captured on the brink of disappearance, emanating an uneasy sense of nostalgia to come.