Mauro Cerqueira, Luísa Mota, Silvestre Pestana

Nuno Centeno, Porto (H30)

Nuno Centeno brings together three artists from Porto, who belong to two generation of artists working with performance and the body. 

The imagery of Luísa Mota (b. 1984, Porto) is articulated through a crossing between extreme rurality, exotic mythologies and the absurd visions of outer space films from the mid-20th century. The performative, photographic and video works produced by the artist convey personal vocabulary that is certainly hermetic and difficult to grasp, but whose radical idiosyncrasy make Mota one the most original artists of her generation.

Mauro Cerqueira (b. 1982, Guimarães) is a multidisciplinary artist, working with photography, video and drawing but also performance, painting and sculpture. Cerqueira’s projects in recent years have been inspired by the environment in which he lived and worked, as the old city district of Porto, where he had his studio before it was demolished for redevelopment.

Silvestre Pestana (b. 1949, Funchal) is a Portuguese artist from the 1960s-1970s. Over the last five decades, he has created a unique body of work as a visual artist, poet and performer. First associated with a group of experimental poets in the 1960s, Pestana is a pioneer of performance and video art in Portugal. His under-recognized work has predictively addressed the connections between technology and art — from early computing to virtual reality and drones.