Mungo Thomson

Frank Elbaz, Paris/Dallas and Karma, New York

Snowman, 2020

Mungo Thomson, Snowman, 2020, Painted Bronze. Courtesy Galerie Frank Elbaz, Paris/Dallas

Making use of a list of mediums too lengthy to enumerate, Mungo Thomson (b. 1969, Woodland; lives in Los Angeles) aligns himself with the droll and heady legacy of California conceptualism.

Thomson borrows from design worlds (graphic and product) to contemplate human existence vs. geological time. He has isolated the font on the Times magazine masthead in an ongoing series of paintings on mirrors (Time through the ages) and slowed down the lilting tunes of new age musician William Ackerman (the long play record ’It Takes a Year’ actually takes 365 days to hear).

Snowman recasts the seemingly ubiquitous cardboard delivery box into a bronze monument for our age. Recasting also is an appropriate term for the transformation of these disposable (but environmentally damaging) cardboard boxes into the durable, mineralogical bronze. Thomson seizes the everyday, too easily cast off consumer objects of our day and produces anthropological relics for the future.