Múrias Centeno

Musa paradisiaca, H31

Courtesy of the artist and the gallery.

Courtesy of the artist and the gallery.

Múrias Centeno presents Musa paradisiaca, a collaborative project by Eduardo Guerra and Miguel Ferrão based on the rescuing of lived narratives through sculptures, films, drawings, sound and oral presentations. The works presented here relate to an event taking place in Gwangju, South Korea. Guerra and Ferrão describe it as follows:

‘Just arriving in town, a man, meeting us for the first time, asked us to feel his hands just to confirm the softness of his skin. Our inability to communicate with him and the notion of intimacy driven by this gesture, completely amazed us.’

Man with really soft hands is a portrait and a tribute departing from an event. It is an approach to a constellation of intuitions, relationships and obsessions, transversal to Musa paradisiaca's practice. It consists of a set of painted fiberglass sculptures presented with a set of drawings on acetate.

The grouping of these objects produces a glimpse into a moment of collective consciousness, as if it would be possible to feel and touch the spirit and weight of a conversation.