Name That Tune: Frances Stark

Thursday, February 1, 7pm @ LAXART

Frieze Talks will launch in L.A. ahead of the fair, with a special program at LAXART. In the spirit of the game show Name That Tune that delighted millions of home viewers in the 1950s, Frieze Talks will challenge the ears and knowledge of select L.A. based artists whose work has an undeniable relationship to noise, sound, and/or popular music.

Professor and music critic Josh Kun and curator Hamza Walker will test artists with a series of sonic fragments meant to thrill, confound, provoke, and entertain.

Our first contestant is Frances Stark for whom punk is of seminal importance. Her tastes overall, however, prove far more catholic. Her most ambitious project to date was a “pedogogical opera” resulting in a text-based, digital film adaptation of Mozart’s The Magic Flute, and her eyes light up at the mention of Charles Mingus. While we'll be testing Stark’s ear for song, given her interest in literature, we'll place equal emphasis on lyrics.