Neha Choksi


Presented daily at 1.30pm

Neha Choksi’s work in sculpture, photography, performance and video installation explores her own intellectual, cultural and social contexts to explore loss, transience and transformation. She does this by setting up simple situations and memorable interventions, disrupting logic to open a space for poetry, absurdity, humour, surprise and existential insight.

The artist’s mouth is gagged yet ready to express with a bullhorn. The muzzled mouth, as a leaky trap and portal, persists in singing a new protest supplemented with extemporaneous riffs, consciously challenging her audience. Frame our ears open relates to Choksi’s continuing poetic examination of subjectivity, self-cancellation and loss. This work links directly to older performances, especially Minds to Lose/Petting Zoo for which she anesthetized herself and four farm animals, and A Rehearsal for a moment of silence for which she stayed mute in isolation for a week, before voicing sounds and speech about becoming all ear.

Neha Choksi  (born 1973, Belleville; lives in Los Angeles and Mumbai): Highlights from her recent and forthcoming commissions include work for the Hayward Gallery Project Space, London (solo, 2015), the 20th Biennale of Sydney (2016), Los Angeles Museum of Art (solo, 2017), Manchester Art Gallery (solo, 2017), Dhaka Art Summit (2018), 18th Street Arts Center (solo, 2018), and the University Art Museum, California State University, Long Beach (solo, 2019).