Nikita Gale and Patrick Staff

Commonwealth and Council, Los Angeles (H7)

Patrick Staff (b. 1987, Bognor Regis) explores the formation and regulation of queer bodies through concepts of sickness, exhaustion, and health.

Nikita Gale's (b.1983, Anchorage) photographs and sculptures reference ad-hoc barricades and soundproofings, invoking silence, protest, and noise.

Staff's latest body of work, The Prince of Homburg, re-appropriates an 18th century play to portray exhaustion and delirium as political states, through surreal hyperbolic imagery of violence and pollution. Gale reorients the material and discursive potential of audio and industrial equipment, gesturing toward their inward or concave qualities as receivers, shelters, or conduits. Side by side, these two artists open dialogues on protest, retreat, trauma, and alienation.