Patrisse Cullors

ltd los angeles

Patrisse Cullors, Fuck White Supremacy, Let’s Get Free, 8.10.19, performance documentation. Courtesy of the artist and LTD Los Angeles. Photo credit: Gia Solis

Patrisse Cullors (b. 1983, Los Angeles; lives in Los Angeles) is renowned for her intersecting activist and artistic work. Cullors’s performances center on the body, whether in action or repose, in search of personal space or a group communion.  

The performances are restorative acts that reclaim time, space, and physical and emotional energy, especially for participants of color, in the face of continued state sanctioned racism and violence. First performed in 2019 as Fuck White Supremacy, Let’s Get Free, Cullors’s performance for Frieze Los Angeles invites participants to move together united by a groove and the freeing act of dancing the electric slide.

Led by Cullors, and with a live DJ, the dancers will wear headphones and move together silently through the backlot. The performance will be repeated over the course of the weekend and video documentation will be shown in a storefront with merchandise and information in support of the nonprofit foundations Reform L.A. Jails and Black Lives Matter. 


Thursday, February: 13: 3-4pm
Friday, February 14: 2-3pm
Satuday, February 15: 2-3pm
Sunday, February 16: 2-3pm