Pia Camil

 A series of wearable fabrics, freely distributed to fair visitors, to employ as items of clothing

Pia Camil (b. 1980, Mexico City, lives and works in Mexico City)

Pia Camil conceived a project that functioned as a portable environment. Inspired by Hélio Oiticica’s Parangolé – a series of capes, flags and banners made to be worn as ‘habitable paintings’ – Camil’s project consisted of a series of wearable fabrics distributed freely to the fair’s visitors.

Camil’s pieces of fabric were designed to allow for various versatile uses including clothing – such as robes or ponchos – and more utilitarian functions – such as picnic blankets, table cloths and sheets. Disseminated within the context of the fair, Camil’s fabric pieces required the direct participation of the viewers, quietly emphasizing one of the main characteristics of the experience of art fairs, where the act of looking at art is often as important as the act of looking at others and distinguishing oneself from them.

(Photo: Tim Schenk)