Proyectos Ultravioleta

Regina José Galindo, H19


Courtesy of the artist and the gallery.

Courtesy of the artist and the gallery.

Proyectos Ultravioleta proposes an exhibition of video and photography by Regina José Galindo (Guatemala, 1974). Each day will feature a different video, shown on a large screen on one wall: including The Intention (2016), Big Bang (2014), Mazorca (2014), Hilo de Tiempo (2012), and America's Family Prison (2008). On the opposite wall, the gallery will pair three photographs of performances, including Desierto (2015), Raíces (2015), and Nadie atraviesa la región sin ensuciarse (2015). The fair will also act as the international debut of Telarañas (Spiderwebs), the English translation of Galindo's 2016 book of poetry. 

Galindo is among the most widely-recognized international artists working in performance. Her work challenges notions of gender, the environment, immigration, violence, and labour. Since the 1990s, she has been making work about these issues and their specificity within the Guatemalan post-war context. This solo presentation is a consistent and strong body of work that ties together the central concerns of her practice and introduces her written work to an English-reading audience.

Each of the videos to be included in this presentation consider the interrelationships between experiences of immigration and between agriculture or industry. Seen together, they present a consistent and pointed critique of contemporary neoliberal policies, as they affect the human body. The photographs to be included are details of related performance work, but they also stand alone as portraits of the artist in moments of extreme relationship to the land.