Sayre Gomez

François Ghebaly, Los Angeles 

Palm Tree Cell Tower, 2020

Sayre Gomez for Frieze Projects with François Ghebaly, Frieze Los Angeles 2020. Photo by Casey Kelbaugh. Courtesy of Casey Kelbaugh/Frieze.

Dismissive of the hierarchies associated with graphic design, graffiti, and visual arts, Sayre Gomez (b. 1982, Chicago; lives in Los Angeles) draws promiscuously from all to create paintings, videos, and sculptures. Gomez’s hyperrealistic renderings have drawn from isolated imagery from his internet searches.

More recently, Gomez’s paintings and sculptures come from the Southern Californian streetscape. Sun bleached store facades, bedraggled billboards, and the weathered mesh that line chain link fences all become fodder for Gomez’s painstakingly detailed compositions.

Gomez’s new sculpture for Frieze Los Angeles, recycles an element from one of his composed landscape paintings, the palm tree cell phone tower, and plops it on a plaza in the ersatz cityscape of the Paramount backlot to shed light on the ways in which the stagecraft of Hollywood has made its way into urban planning.