Shahryar Nashat

A new video examines sculptures as stand-ins

Shahryar Nashat continues his dialogue with the art of others in a new video work, examining how display and reproduction affect meaning and mediation. Taking a group of selected sculptures not present at the fair as his subject, Nashat conceives of the works as sculptural displays of proxies or stand-ins. At various locations throughout the fair, he signals the displacement and absence of the artworks, using specific film techniques such as radical framing, cropping, focal pulls and the notion of a subjective camera to put himself in the position of the viewer in the moment of encounter.

Shahryar Nashat (b.1975) is a Swiss artist based in Berlin. Recent solo shows include: ‘Line up’, Kunstverein Nurnberg (2010); ‘Remains to be seen’, Kunst Halle Sankt Gallen and ‘Plaque’, Kunstverein Potsdam (both 2009) and ‘Because the Ultimate Foundation is Not Founded’, Elisabeth Kaufmann, Zurich (2008). Recent group shows include: ‘Silberkuppe: Old Ideas’, Museum für Gegenwartskunst, Basel and ‘Silberkuppe: Under One Umbrella’, Kunsthal Bergen (both 2010); ‘Shifting Identities’, Kunsthaus Zurich and ‘Scorpio's Garden’, Kunsthalle Temporäre, Berlin (both 2009); ‘H Box’, Tate Modern, London and Swiss Pavilion at Venice Biennial (2005).