Sidsel Paaske

Holtermann Fine Art, London (H3)

Holtermann Fine Art brings works by the Norwegian artist Sidsel Paaske (b. 1937, Oslo; d.1980, Oslo) featuring works on paper from 1960s and 1970s including so-called ‘Vaginal Iconographies’, one example of ‘Blue Letter’ – a 5meter scroll made for Molde Jazzfestival 1979 - and enamel paintings called ‘enamel-dreams’ by a contemporary critic.

Sidsel Paaske was active from the mid-60s till her death. Having been expelled from the art academy after becoming pregnant in 1956, she was nevertheless at the heart of the Norwegian art scene. She developed a unique feminist iconography alongside works that related to her close friendship with modernist poets and jazz musicians (e.g., Jan Garbarek, Don Cherry, Jan Erik Vold). Spearheading the waves of femism in the 1970s in Norway, she organized the Women and Art exhibition at Kunstnernes Hus in Oslo during United Nation’s International Women's Year (IWY) in 1975. Following her untimely death in 1980, Paaske’s oeuvre was left aside until the National Musem, Oslo held a full retrospective entitled On the Verge in 2016.