Signal, Malmö

A presentation of two publications linked in both in time and space

A Partner Organisation for 2010, Signal is a non-profit organisation founded in 1998, focusing on the production, presentation, discourse and diffusion of contemporary art and thought, run by a collective of artists and curators. Signal has developed a focus on an exploration of the possibilities of a collaborative curatorial practice and the manifold functions of an art arena.

In 2009 Signal embarked on an extensive research project that resulted in the publication A Parallel History - The Independent ArtArenas of Skåne 1968–2008, a study on the variegated array of initiatives and exhibition spaces that were central in shaping the development of a vibrant art scene in Sweden. At the fair, they presented this history of their immediate forerunners in close dialogue with another work Sweden today – A thousand and one black nights, published by Edition Sellem in 1980, linking the two publications in both time and space.