Sol Calero, Patrizio Di Massimo, Petrit Halilaj

ChertLüdde, Berlin (H14)

For Frieze London 2019 Focus, ChertLüdde proposes a presentation featuring Sol Calero, Patrizio Di Massimo and Petrit Halilaj. As artists of the same generation, Calero, Di Massimo and Halilaj individually examine their ties to their native histories. Facing questions of identity, collective memory and forgotten beliefs, the three artists bring to attention the significance of doing so in shaping the future.

Sol Calero (b. 1982, Caracas) creates immersive installations that bring her pictorial explorations to a spatio-contextual level. With painting at the core of her practice, her investigation looks back to non-canonical, popular art forms excluded from western narratives. The booth will display works from her upcoming exhibition at ChertLüdde, dedicated to her late grandmother Luisa Hernandez.

New paintings by Patrizio Di Massimo (b. 1983, Jesi) bring the artist’s singular aesthetic arising from his interest in Italian history, its power struggles, fascism and colonialism. His gravitation towards Baroque tones and dramatic portraiture evokes a pre-Modernist era of Renaissance ideals and spirit.

Also on show, works by Petrit Halilaj (b. 1986, Runik) from 'Shkrëpetima', a three-part project commissioned by the Fondazione Merz upon his reception of the 2017 Mario Merz Prize. 'Shkrëpetima', the first major public intervention undertaken by Halilaj, draws upon the collective memory and cultural history of Runik people; this project included a one-night performance of traditional Albanian plays in the former House of Culture, renovated by Halilaj for the occasion. Found material from the site has been incorporated into a new work from the series.