20th-Century Pioneers, from Alex Katz and Elvira Bach to Paul Nash and more

This year, Spotlight will have a special emphasis on the radical potential of drawing, revealing the Renaissance techniques behind Alex Katz’s seminal paintings and the influences of architecture and sensuality in the drawings of German-Egyptian artist Susan Hefuna.

As always, the section will celebrate non-conformity and radical thinking in many forms and across geographical divides, from feminist pioneers like Leonor FiniGreta Schödl and Kazuko Miyamoto, to ground-breaking figures inspired by spirituality and ancient cultures, such as Joan BrownRachid Koraïchi and Yüksel Arslan.

Participating Artists and Galleries for Spotlight 2019:

Kokuta Suda (Gallery 38)
Joan Brown (George Adams Gallery)
Rachid Koraïchi (Aicon Art)
Eleonore Koch (Almeida e Dale Galeria de Art)
Jim Melchert (Anglim Gilbert Galler)
Bijan Saffari (Dastan's Basemen)
Mary Ann Unger (Davidson Galler)
Louise Fishman (Frameless Gallery)
Yüksel Arslan (Galerist)
Leonor Fini (Leila Heller)
Elvira Bach (Galerie Kornfeld)
Roland Dorcély (Loevenbruck)
Galería Javier López & Fer Francés Alex Katz
Red Grooms (Marlborough)
Eduardo Costa (MCMC)
Gianni Piacentino (Partners & Mucciaccia)
Yüksel Arslan (Galeri Nev)
Tim Head (Parafin)
Susan Hefuna (Pi Artworks)
Paul Nash (Piano Nobile)
Eleonore Koch (Galeria Marilia Razuk)
Katsumi Nakai (Ronchini)
Riccardo Guarneri (Rosenfeld Porcini)
Greta Schödl (​Richard Saltoun Gallery)
Waldo Balart (Casado Santapau)
Suzy Lake (Georgia Scherman Projects)
Eleanore Mikus (Craig F. Starr Gallery)
Charles Hinman (Marc Straus)
Knox Martin (Hollis Taggart)
László Lakner (Trapéz)
Luis Fernando Benedit (Walden)
Anna Zemánková (Weiss Berlin)
Kazuko Miyamoto (​Zürcher Gallery)

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