Watch: Jessie Flood-Paddock

A Regime (2010)

Drawn from an exhibition and residency taking place in Malta, Jess Flood-Paddock made a three-minute film looking at the benefits of perimeters, routines and regulations of creativity; investigating how things are made.

During this residency, involving researching art collectives, alternative energy, and access to information, home and industrial economies, making, baking, gardening, swimming and film screenings, elements of time were spent looking at an alternative way of living and will edge into the film.

Shot mostly on a mobile phone, with brief sections and passages on a higher resolution camera to create momentary contrast, the work has the grainy look of lo-fi video. It features three main movements exploring scale, travel and disorientation, and distance from the location creating an island narrative that can be compared to the stories of Where the Wild Things Are and King Kong. The video has an original sound track made by two solo musicians, a banjo solo by Sam Steer and a psychedelic rock drone solo by Alexander Tucker.

The commissioned films by British artists were shown alongside specially selected programmes as well as existing films by this year’s Frieze Projects artists.

The four Frieze Film commissions were previewed in Channel 4’s innovative ‘3 Minute Wonder’ slot during the week of Frieze Art Fair.

Frieze Film 2010 was curated by Sarah McCrory under the auspices of Frieze Projects and is supported by Channel 4.