Will Boone

Karma, New York and David Kordansky, Los Angeles

The Three Fates, P-22, and Grave, 2020
Will Boone, Grave, 2019. Courtesy Karma, New York
Will Boone (b. 1982, Houston; lives in Los Angeles) creates paintings, sculptures and installations that draw inspiration from diverse references, including forms of pop, vernacular, and industrial culture, lore and history, and subcultural aesthetics.
Boone’s The Three Fates, P-22, and Grave, reimagine figures from vintage hobby kits popular in the 1960s as life-sized, stand-alone sculptures. In these works he isolates menacing witches around a cauldron, a cougar ready to pounce, and a gravestone from a monster set, reconfiguring classic Americana toys to create new narratives and associations.
His works foreground materiality, transforming the plastic manufacturing techniques of the post-war era figurines by upscaling them to cast bronze, finished with a loose enamel painting technique reminiscent of the hobbyist’s brush.