Yanyan Huang

BANK, Shanghai (F12)

Yanyan Huang (born 1988) lives between New York, Los Angeles, and Beijing.

Yanyan Huang records impressions, atmospheres and moods, yielding a distinctive vocabulary of airy, colorful washes and nimble, aporetic line. The overall flow and movement, akin to voluptuous balletic and operatic performance, conjures compositions that personify tenets of classical botanical studies, ancient mythology, and Chinese calligraphic arts.

The booth functions as an immersive portal into an unknown universe; one where a range of deep emotions unfolds onto walls creating a nascent temple of devotion. Here, everything and nothing matters, and eternity is accessible with a leap of faith. Built upon alternating waves of despair and heightened mania, Huang created the wallpaper frescoes from her daily ink studies in which she manipulates compulsive rhythms of obliteration and renewal by use of cinematic and performative methods. The two paintings are a departure and distillation from her previous body of works, reflecting an ongoing psycho-poetic purification process.

Deriving influence from a range of classical and ancient cultures, Yanyan Huang’s work maps out an elaborate mythology of geographies, identities, and interdependent relationships. Recent shows include “黃彥彥/YANYAN HUANG” at Bank (Shanghai, China), “El Baile” at Jelato Love (Palma de Mallorca, Spain), “Final del Juego” at Hongkun Museum of Fine Arts (Beijing, China).