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A-Z West

A-Z West Container

A-Z West is located on almost seventy acres in the California high desert next to Joshua Tree National Park. Since it’s inception in 2000, A-Z West has functioned as Andrea Zittel's evolving testing grounds for living—a place in which spaces, objects and acts of living all intertwine as a single ongoing investigation into social norms, values, and the concept of fulfillment. 

Works and projects at A-Z West include: Zittel’s home/testing grounds, A-Z West studio and weaving studio, the Wagon Station Encampment, Regenerating Field, Planar Pavilions, a ten-acre parcel for High Desert Test Sites projects, and several adjacent parcels slated for future projects. A-Z West Works support the general sustainability of A-Z West including access to collective resources for our local community and help generate income for artists local to the High Desert, where employment and means of financial support are limited.

A-Z West will feature A-Z West Containers—handmade ceramic bowls that serve all eating and drinking functions. Andrea Zittel began using containers in daily life in the early 1990’s and they continue to serve as the sole dinnerware used at A-Z West. 


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