Zhou Siwei

Antenna Space, Shanghai, B30

Zhou Siwei, Car Window, 2016. Courtesy of artist and Antenna Space

Zhou Siwei, Car Window, 2016. Courtesy of artist and Antenna Space

Zhou’s work questions the potential and plasticity behind the act of looking. Its tropes include a variety of illustrative diagrams, or a generally idealised representation of the real world from which the artist creates painterly parallels, inventing what he calls a “subtlety which language is unable to allocate perfectly”.

The presentation brings together paintings with three mixed-media installations. The paintings' oil paint glossed in thin layers subverts the legible semblance of a car window. Each of the three installations contains printed photographs and poems written in the style of traditional Chinese calligraphy. These are reflected by the trapezoid glass that sandwiches them, obstructed only by the 3D printed objects in the shape of the supporting frame. Together, the exhibition creates an intersection of perspectives, akin to the numerous layers on the painting.

Born 1981, Chongqin, China, Zhou Siwei graduated from Sichuan Fine Arts Institute with a major in oil painting. Zhou Siwei lives and works in Shanghai, China. Recent solo presentations include: Antenna Space, Shanghai (2017); Galerie Urs Meile, Lucerne (2015); AIKE-DELLARCO, Shanghai (2014). Group presentations include: Huayu Youth Award nomination exhibition, Sanya, China (2016); BOERS-LI GALLERY, Beijing (2014); International Artist-In-Residence and Workshop, Chongqing (2012); and Artist exchange program, Germany (2012).

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