Frieze London

Regent’s Park

8–11 October 2020

Live: Camille Henrot

Bad Dad and Beyond, Enough is Enough, Ded Moroz, Guilt Tripping, Dawg Shaming

6 Oct 2018
Various Locations
Frieze London
London, NW1 4LL
United Kingdom

Camille Henrot takes inspiration from subjects as varied as literature, mythology, anthropology, and evolutionary biology to reconsider typologies of objects an established systems of knowledge in her diverse practice, which includes film, drawing and sculpture.

Throughout time, humans have sought answers for life’s meaning from entities they believe to have higher forms of intelligence. Henrot’s installation of simplified telephones function as unconventional, and unhelpful, self-help hotlines. Instead of assisting in scheduling an appointment or rebooking a flight, the automated system guides users through a labyrinthine series of questions and prompts, such as “press 5 if your dog manipulates you with lies, contradictions or promises.” As participants dial through the dizzying programmed sequence, developed with writer Jacob Bromberg, they are left with disappointment and angst as the authoritative figure they are depending on for answers and guidance will not provide any.

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