Frieze Los Angeles

Paramount Pictures Studios

February 15 – 17, 2019

Los Angeles Review of Books presents: We Will Not Publish Any More Boring Art

16 Feb 2019
Sherry Lansing Theater, Frieze Los Angeles
Paramount Pictures Studios
CA 90038 Los Angeles
Kandis Williams, ‘Soft Colony’, 2016, Installation view, Night gallery, Los Angeles

Kandis Williams, ‘Soft Colony’, 2016, Installation view, Night gallery, Los Angeles


The Los Angeles Review of Books was founded on an alternative model of publishing, born out of a place where mainstream publishing was failing. How do alternative modes of publishing relate to artist books and artist-led publications? The panel will discuss the role the internet plays in arts publishing, the virtues and dregs of independence, and the challenges of distribution. Los Angeles has always blurred boundaries, expanded and crept outward. How has LA and the opportunities it offers also changed the landscape of art and publication? What are the new projects and difficulties faced by artists who seek to publish and publishers who seek to feature art in their pages?

Participants: Travis Diehl (Online Editor, X-Tra), Clare Kelly (Artist & co-founder Hesse Press), Kandis Williams (Artist & publisher Cassandra Press)

Moderator: Kate Wolf (Editor at Large, Los Angeles Review of Books)


Travis Diehl has lived in Los Angeles since 2009. His criticism appears in frieze, Art-Agenda, Artforum, Art Papers, Affidavit, X-TRA, CARLA, the Los Angeles Review of Books, The Guardian, East of Borneo, Even, and e-flux journal, among others. From 2012–2016, he was the founding editor and editor-in-chief of Prism of Reality, an artist-run journal of art, and he is currently Online Editor at X-TRA. He is a recipient of the Creative Capital / Andy Warhol Foundation Arts Writers Grant (2013) and a Rabkin Prize in Visual Arts Journalism (2018).

Clare Kelly is an artist who lives in Los Angeles. She co-founded publishing imprint Hesse Press in 2014. She is a drop out from both UCLA Studio Art and the Royal College of Art in London. “Arcade”, an interactive collaboration with creative technologist Alice Stewart, will go on display later this year at Los Angeles’s Now Instant Image Hall.

Kate Wolf is a writer and an editor at large for the Los Angeles Review of Books. Her stories, interviews, essays, and reviews have appeared in publications such as Black Clock, Bookforum, LA Weekly, Los Angeles Magazine, X-TRA, Art in America, East of Borneo, and Night Papers, an artists’ newspaper she edited with the Night Gallery from 2011 to 2016. She’s currently working on a book about her neighborhood in Northeast Los Angeles.

Kandis Williams is a Los Angeles and Berlin–based artist. Her recent exhibitions include solo shows at Cooper Cole, installations at Art Toronto, video Expo: curated by Anna Gritz for Chicago Expo, 215 Madison Street, New York; Works on Paper, Vienna; Night Gallery, Los Angeles; SADE, Los Angeles; and a performance and workshop at Human Resources, Los Angeles, 2018 Montreal music festival, and actual size Los Angeles. Williams has an active curatorial and writing practice, and runs Cassandra Press with artist Taylor Doran.

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