Frieze Fairs - 09 Oct 2017

Frieze Projects 2017: SPIT!

Queer manifestos, speech acts and gestures of the past come alive in performances at the fair

Standing for Sodomites, Perverts, Inverts, Together!, SPIT! - comprising Carlos Motta, John Arthur Peetz, Carlos Maria Romero - intervene in the fair with performances using  speech acts and performative gestures inspired by queer manifestos from the 1960s to the present. Artists and performers including Joshua Hubbard, Carlos Mauricio Rojas, Claudia Palazzo, Malik Nashad Sharpe, Daniel Brathwaite-Shirley, and Despina Zacharopoulou interpret five new manifestos that respond to contemporary pressing issues of sexual and gender oppression. Accompanying SPIT! Manifesto, the SPIT! Manifesto Reader brings together a selection of historical and contemporary queer manifestos to create a dialogue between radical queer histories past and present, distribtued free during the performances and also available online.