Deutsche Bank Frieze Los Angeles Film Award



Realized in partnership with award-winning, non-profit film academy Ghetto Film School, the Award launched with an open call to young Los Angeles filmmakers in summer 2019. Ten shortlisted filmmakers were then offered a unique platform and development program culminating at Frieze Los Angeles 2020. The winner will be awarded $10,000 in a ceremony at the Paramount Theatre having been chosen by jurors including Doug Aitken and Sam Taylor-Johnson.

Watch the films here:

Meet the ten fellows below. 

Nicole L. Thompson

Age: 27
Hometown: Newark, NJ
Film title: Between the Pages 

“As a director, I enjoy telling stories about underdogs who must fight for a chance for them to succeed. I went into filmmaking because I enjoy the process of having an idea, filming it, and seeing it up on the big screen. Filmmaking allows me to tell stories about people who aren’t traditionally featured positively in mainstream media. My hope is that my films can help inspire people to chase their dreams.” 

Toryn Seabrooks

Age: 26
Hometown: Los Angeles, CA
Film title: A Hollywood Party

“Throughout life, I’ve struggled with my quirky eccentricities. Frequently, the approval of others meant concealing my authenticity – which was damaging to my art and confidence. Recognizing those weaknesses, I’ve infused them into my art. Now, I dream of my work being a vessel for others to explore radical self-acceptance.” 

Danielle Boyd

Age: 24
Hometown: Los Angeles, CA
Film title: Dethroned & Displaced

“As artists, I believe it is crucial for us to help inspire and invest purposeful material in the world, especially when the world seems to be losing touch with humanity. Creating films gives me the chance to channel my energy into making a piece with true impact, something I try to do with each project I create.” 

Silvia Lara

Age: 31
Hometown: Whittier, CA
Film title: Beauty Never Lost

“I began as a writer and photographer but even as a writer I always hoped to one day see my ideas on screen. It took some time but I eventually learned that there was such a thing as cinematography and that it would prove to be a harmonious union between my two passions: storytelling and creating images. My highest aspiration is to use this skillset to tell stories from underrepresented communities and from untold perspectives.” 

Noah Sellman 

Age: 24
Hometown: Alamosa, CO
Film title: Ad Frequency

“I grew up in the rural American Southwest, in a town known for potato farming and UFO sightings. The stories of my youth were the myths, legends and the strange happenings of a secluded farm town. I turned to film to bring this mythological, rural storytelling to a wider audience.” 

Alima Lee

Age: 27
Hometown: New York, NY
Film title: Ghetto Mysticism: Transient Nature 

“Growing up in Spanish Harlem to then moving to LA following my parents’ divorce when I was young, my world was constantly changing, and my coping mechanism was keen observation and documentation. Filmmaking has given me a voice when I felt silenced. Through all of the hardships experienced, there was a constant realization of how much my unique perspective matters.” 

Mya Dodson 

Age: 23
Hometown: Fayetteville, NC
Film title: Cosmic Affirmation

“I am a creator whose work aims to explore the nuanced emotional, spiritual intersections of the Black human experience. Tales of inward dissonance, the friction of perception and reality – these are common motifs I explore within my work. I’m interested in a character and circumstance that struggles to find harmony and acceptance along the lines of this battle.” 

Timothy Offor

Age: 33
Hometown: Brooklyn, NY
Film title: Sweet Dreams

“I’m a highly driven and motivated filmmaker chasing my dreams in the City of Angels. Spike Lee’s Jungle Fever was my first time seeing characters that I knew. Not physically but in character. I knew people just like them. I’ve dreamt of sharing my stories with the world ever since.” 

​Michelle Jihyon Kim

Age: 20
Hometown: Los Angeles, CA
Film title: Crenshaw and West 8th St. and Lights and Camera and Action (and So On)

“I’m a filmmaker from Los Angeles who is interested in writing and directing suspense and thriller based narrative work. Through dissecting interpersonal relationships and blurring the lines between fantasy and the everyday. I aim to use filmmaking as a tool for human empathy.” 

Nabeer Khan

Age: 26
Hometown: Paradise Valley, AZ
Film title: Unconditional

“I use my experience and identity as a Pakistani-American Muslim working in a predominantly uniform entertainment industry to inform my filmmaking, and to educate while being educated. While seeking honesty in my films, I don’t presume to hypothesize what people may interpret from them. The ensuing discussion is as artful as the piece itself.” 

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