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It’s the first statue of a woman placed in Parliament Square, marking the centenary of women’s right to vote

A Mexican judge has halted sales of the doll following a dispute over image rights

‘They asked for this lawsuit on a silver platter’ said collector Steven Tananbaum’s counsel, alleging a Ponzi-like scheme

Pablo Picasso, Le Rêve (The Dream),1932, oil on canvas. Courtesy: © Succession Picasso/ DACS London, 2017

Move to make ticketed exhibitions more affordable for a younger audience 

The ICA’s initial decision to keep the show was criticized by several of its own staffers

The stone was taken from the artist’s installation The Riverbed at Toronto’s Gardiner Museum

Emin threatened ‘to punch her lights out’, she claimed in a recent interview

She is the third female artist in a row chosen for the Great Britain pavilion

The artist is also planning a glass fountain of herself spouting her own blood

An extensive exhibition of the graphic artist’s optical puzzles will be further enhanced by ‘immersive photo booths’

Australian artists and dealers claim ‘uncanny’ similarities between Hirst’s ‘Veil Paintings’ and landscapes of the late Emily Kame Kngwarreye

New hoodies and skateboard decks will feature images from Goldin’s 1986 The Ballad of Sexual Dependency

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