SAGG NAPOLI is a body of ongoing, semi-autobiographical research I initiated in 2014. It deals with what I refer to as #southaesthetics and takes Napoli as a starting point to map contemporary cultures and subcultures of an area seen as a bridge, as well as a meeting point, between the global North and South. "South is not only a place, it is the result of the relationships between power, knowledge and space. Colonial modernity invents a geography and a chronology: the South is primitive and represents the past. The North represents progress and the future.” ( Paul B. Preciado, July 2017).  SAGG NAPOLI narrates the current socio-economical situation of Southern Europe, with my research becoming manifest through objects, videos, social media, as well as my very own body and presence including clothes and style. Thus generating a physical archive, which I embody , SAGG NAPOLI tries to grasp an ever-changing identity that lacks of cultural representation as it is often seen as popular, almost folkloristic and therefore dismissed by society as intrinsically indebted and drawn to the North, which is seen as representing the future. This dynamic generates a twisted aesthetic relationship in which the South finds itself looking up to and mimicking cultural outputs from the North (such as music, art, architecture and fashion), whilst actually being the site that has inspired, and often even manufactured, much of this production in the first place. Thus, the South becomes twice removed from the original source, which is itself. Headshot picture by Dexter Lander from SAGG_NAPOLI and Sylvie Macmillan spell it out for you on Vogue Italia