Art Criticism

Ilustration by Pablo Helguera, 2014. Courtesy: the artist

Gilda Williams’s new book on how to write about contemporary art

By Orit Gat

Can’t relate? Don’t worry: you’re not alone

By Dan Fox
Adi Davierwalla, Many Headed Hydra, 1962. Courtesy: Zarine Davierwalla.

New approaches to exhibition-making in India

By Shanay Jhaveri

The Age of Anxiety

By Jennifer Higgie
After Butler’s Wharf:  Essays on a Working Building, 2013,  published by Critical Writing students  at the RCA, London

On teaching criticism and ‘art writing’

By Brian Dillon
Franko B, I Miss You,  2003, performance as part of ‘Live Culture’, Tate Modern and Live Art Development Agency, London

Jennifer Doyle discusses her new book, Hold it Against Me: Difficulty and Emotion in Contemporary Art

By Jennifer Doyle and Erik Morse

The intertwined histories of art criticism and poetry

By Quinn Latimer
Victor Obsatz, Portrait of Marcel Duchamp, 1953

How taste and preferences change

By Lynne Tillman
Richard Bartholomew, Self-Portrait, Delhi, 1956

The collected writings of Richard Bartholomew, one of India’s pre-eminent art critics

By Shanay Jhaveri
Oliver Laric Kopienkritik (Copy Criticism), 2011, installation view, Skulpturhalle, Basel

Informed by the online debris of stock photography, a number of artists are exploring the ‘off-world’ of digital imagery 

By Isobel Harbison

The untidy tradition of criticism

By Sam Thorne
Jeff Koons Jeff and Ilona (Made in Heaven), 1990,  polychromed wood, 1.7×2.9×1.6 m

It’s hard to tell the difference these days

By Francesco Bonami