Identity Politics

‘Genetic Automata’ at London’s Arts Catalyst uses video games, emoji and Darwin to reveal falsehoods around race and intellect

By Kadish Morris

Kino Classics’s new release attempts to redress a story of cinema centred on white male accomplishment

By Nick Pinkerton

Over the past year Queerdirect has taken over several London institutions, reimagining the gallery as a visible space for queer artists

By Hatty Nestor

Representation is powerful – but what happens when a delightful, silly rom-com is asked to represent so many?

By Rowan Hisayo Buchanan

Since 1991 the feminist collective has played a key role in nurturing a space for queer activism and sexual and identity politics on film

By Ellen Mara De Wachter

A year marked by new visualizations, both controversial and celebrated, of the black body

By Ian Bourland

Her work animates the consequences of our colonial history and the construction of identity politics: in a divided Britain, will we listen?

By David Osbaldeston

Inverting the gaze: real life biography, game play fantasy and Frantz Fanon combine in the British artist’s films

By Charlotte Jansen

A revelatory exhibition cements a rising appreciation of African American art

By Pernilla Holmes

From Irving Penn to the stereograph: a photography themed weekend reading list

By Paul Clinton

A response to some of the responses

By Paul Clinton

Soap operas, identity politics and sentimental songs; humour, hysteria and sincerity

By Steven Stern