Marina Abramović

Visitors to the artist’s 2020 retrospective will be invited to squeeze between a pair of nude performers

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The viral video heralds a future of disinformation

By Kadish Morris

From Marina Abramović to extinct tropical birds, seeing more than what’s there

By Matthew McLean

In world first, the artist plans to harness the power of ‘Magic Leap One’ technology, and is encouraging others to join her

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The man hit the legendary performance artist over the head with his portrait at an exhibition opening in Florence

The mysterious project, which has signed up Marina Abramović and Massive Attack, will create a ‘city within a city’

Italian politicians want to censor the artist’s poster for a sailing event, which reads ‘We’re all in the same boat’

Cate Blanchett prepares her best Marina Abramović impression; fake rabbi in Renoir heist; and Ai Weiwei declares, ‘I am a cow’: all the latest in art world silliness

By In the Name of Art

‘I am for free Pussy Riot,’ the performance artist says, in solidarity with jailed members of the Russian punk-feminist collective

In further art world silliness: ‘Sprinkle urine on bad dreams,’ Marina Abramović suggests; Elon Musk in ‘farting unicorn’ dispute with potter

By In the Name of Art

The legendary performance artists will partner up again to detail their tumultuous relationship in a new book

The artist is also planning a glass fountain of herself spouting her own blood