Museum Ludwig

Rahime, Kurdish Woman from Turkey (detail), 1979, photographs, pencil, coloured pencil, paint and mixed media on cardboard, dimensions variable. Courtesy: the artist and Vehbi Koç Foundation Contemporary Art Collection, Istanbul; photograph: Hadiye Cangök

The artist takes us through her multi-faceted practice, now on view in her retrospective at Museum Ludwig, Cologne 

By Övül Ö. Durmuşoğlu
Nil Yalter, Pixelismus (detail), 1996, 24 parts: oil, gold paint, and acrylic on canvas, each 47 x 42 cm. Courtesy and photograph: © the artist

With Art Cologne opening its doors, a selection of exhibitions around town

By Moritz Scheper
Nil Yalter, Algerian Marriage in France, 1982 (detail), 6 collages: photographs, pencil, and oil on paper, each 62 x 82 cm. Courtesy: © the artist and Galerie Hubert Winter, Vienna; photograph: Galerie Hubert Winter, Vienna


9 Mar
2 Jun

Ahead of the 52nd edition of Art Cologne, your guide to the best shows to see in the city

By Harry Thorne
Courtesy: the artist and Museum Ludwig, Cologne


18 Apr
12 Aug


18 Nov
4 Mar
Pirkle Jones, Kathleen Cleaver and the Black Panthers, 1968–1969 © Pirkle Jones Foundation


3 Feb
3 Jun

Reena Spaulings, ‘bad painting’ and the institutionalization of Institutional Critique

By Hans-Jürgen Hafner

Revered theatre director John Vaccaro passes away; Marina Abramović responds to accusations of racism

Museum Ludwig, Cologne, Germany

By Catrin Lorch (translation by John William Gabriel