Museum Tinguely

The two artists and long-time collaborators speak to Evan Moffitt about the influence of Fluxus, the importance of improvisation and the challenge of reckoning with art history 

By Evan Moffitt, John Armleder and Christian Marclay

Two riveting shows, at Centre Pompidou-Metz and Basel’s Museum Tinguely, showcase the 75-year-old German artist’s ingenious capacity for invention

By Jane Ure-Smith
Lois Weinberger, Ohne Titel, 2014, Katzenmumie, 18. Jahrhundert, Fotoarbeit, 60 x 90 cm, Ed. 5
© Courtesy by the artist, Foto: Paris Tsitsos


17 Apr
1 Sep

The artist’s show at Museum Tinguely, Basel, Switzerland shows her central concern is contingency

By Jörg Scheller


24 Jan
1 May