New Museum

Detail of illustration by Jan Buchczik

From a Pre-Frieze Breakfast in Brooklyn to the Met Breuer Basement: where to eat by the city’s best art

By Fanny Singer

Ignoring its faux-dissident title, this year's edition at the New Museum displays a repertoire that is folky, angry, funny, urgent and poignant

By Dan Fox

New York

6 Feb
15 Apr

New York

13 Feb
27 May

New York

17 Jan
13 May

New York

24 Jan
15 Apr

New York

27 Sep
7 Jan

Two recent conferences at MIT and the New Museum reveal the benefits, and pratfalls, of art and science collaborations

By Evan Moffitt

Callicoon Fine Arts and New Museum, New York, USA 


By Sam Korman