New York

Wesselmann’s sculpture attempted ‘to pick up a drawing by its lines and carry it’ into the world

By Olivia Rodrigues

The influence of op art leaves scant trace of the artist’s hand, but otherworldly unease pervades his repetitions and reflections

By Mary Huber

The cultural sector is twice as white as the city

By Frieze News Desk

Shamefully, the artist was not awarded a solo show in the art-world capital until six years after his death

By Jack McGrath

Kanders’s decision to step down follows months of protests over his ownership of weapons manufacturer Safariland

By Frieze News Desk

The artist’s montages, at David Lewis, New York, are elegant but cryptic reflections on belonging and complicity

By Mitch Speed

At the Met Breuer, a winding path guides viewers through the late artist’s seductive, organic sculptures 

By Sophie Kovel

At the Storefront for Art and Architecture, a pop-up Puerto Rican museum employs culture as a means of resistance

By Carina del Valle Schorske

Ian Bourland profiles one of the leading gallerists of the East Village scene of the 1980s

By Ian Bourland
© Courtesy of the artist and Perrotin

New York

11 Sep
26 Oct
Donald Moffett, Lot 080711 (the radiant future), 2011

New York

10 Jul
9 Aug

There’s impressive and unexpected art in the city, even during the summer doldrums

By Orit Gat