Picture Piece

Habbo is a paradise, real people play on it

By Ella Fleck

Ahead of their September relaunch, we look back through past issues of the legendary style guide

By Sean Burns

A graveyard of trees previously submerged has given way to a fantasy of resurrection

By Mimi Chu

How the medieval chess piece reminds us of a time before modern maps

By Figgy Guyver

What the shocking image says about our desperate urge to achieve the unthinkable

By Kadish Morris

In pictures: contrasting visions of one of the most clichéd symbols of the nation

By Figgy Guyver

A new book documents the relationship between the two 20th-century artist-superstars

By Frieze News Desk

A photograph by Berenice Abbott, and its stubborn refusal to be read

By Harry Thorne

The symbolism of a failed property development in Turkey 

By Jennifer Higgie

A new book surveys buildings in Central Asia and documents their distinctive styles

By Frieze News Desk

The collection includes robes made from salmon skin and a deerskin jacket worn by a 19th century fireman

By Frieze News Desk

A new book documents the lives of the women who trained at the innovative German art school

By Frieze News Desk