Picture Piece

What the shocking image says about our desperate urge to achieve the unthinkable

By Kadish Morris

In pictures: contrasting visions of one of the most clichéd symbols of the nation

By Figgy Guyver

A new book documents the relationship between the two 20th-century artist-superstars

By Frieze News Desk

A photograph by Berenice Abbott, and its stubborn refusal to be read

By Harry Thorne

The symbolism of a failed property development in Turkey 

By Jennifer Higgie

A new book surveys buildings in Central Asia and documents their distinctive styles

By Frieze News Desk

The collection includes robes made from salmon skin and a deerskin jacket worn by a 19th century fireman

By Frieze News Desk

A new book documents the lives of the women who trained at the innovative German art school

By Frieze News Desk
Samuel Beckett photographed with a Gucci bag by Lucio Berzioli, 1971. Courtesy: Archivi Paraboli

How much to read into Samuel Beckett’s flirtation with fashion?

By Cal Revely-Calder

Five iconic buildings designed by the Japanese architect since 1962

By George Kafka

25 years after his death, we remember the inimitable performance artist and fashion designer

By Frieze News Desk
Joseph-Philibert Girault de Prangey, Desert Near Alexandria, 1842, daguerreotype. Courtesy: The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York

J.P. Girault de Prangey’s beautiful yet orientalist pictures are on view for the first time at the Met

By Ian Bourland