Animal cloning, police violence, and clubbing - the '90s in video by Nicolas Trembley

By Nicolas Trembley

Playlist - 12 Apr 2016

Rave cartoons; balloons; Norman McLaren

Clarice Lispector

Playlist - 04 Apr 2016

Soul Train; Clarice Lispector; American Ninja Warrior 

Playlist - 15 Mar 2016

From 30 seconds of weightlessness in Solaris to Roxy Music's 'Prairie Rose'.

Playlist - 14 Mar 2016

The artist presents the latest edition of his project 'Matthieu Laurette presents ARTISTS' BIOPICS CINEMA'

Playlist - 10 Mar 2016

Vic and Bob Masterchef Cakey Shoe Cake; Adam & the Ants, 'Prince Charming'

Playlist - 10 Mar 2016

Rick Cluchey in "Krapp's Last Tape" Chicago, 1981; a bear family takes a dip in our pool - Part II

Playlist - 19 Feb 2016

'The Tales of Hoffmann' to CGI animation by AES+F

Playlist - 15 Feb 2016

Warhol on Jasper Johns; a performance by Justin Vivian Bond

Playlist - 08 Feb 2016

The dance scene from 'Metropolis' to the Carousel scene from 'Logan's Run'

Playlist - 12 Jan 2016

Riri Shimada & Takehisa Kosugi's, 'Gnossiennes No. 1-5'; Chieko Shiomi's 'Disappearing Music for Face'

Playlist - 04 Jan 2016

Betta Bass's 'Jungle Dubplate'; the last scene from Claire Denis's 'Beau Travail'