YJ Wang and Xiaopeng Yuan talk about their curatorial and publishing project, Same Paper, and their Shanghai-based studio and independent bookstore, Closing Ceremony

By Francesca Tarocco
Riposte, No. 2. Courtesy: Riposte

Why start a print magazine?

By Elizabeth Glickfeld
The door at 851 Haight Street, 2012

Gentrification and independent publishing in San Francisco

By Jarett Kobek
Visual from the ‘Schizo-Culture’ conference, Columbia University,  New York, 1975

The radical journal and independent publisher has long been an open-ended enterprise, the product of innumerable people and their own tangled itineraries

By David Morris
DIS, Fair Trade, 2012, Frieze London

The mutating activities of DIS

By Kevin McGarry
Van Alen Books, New York 2012

The fall and rise of independent bookshops and publishing

By Eugenia Bell

Paul Chan’s new publishing venture and the relationship between physical and virtual methods of book production

By Sarah Hromack

A re-print of General Idea’s radical, now defunct FILE Magazine celebrates its idiosyncratic brilliance

By Maria Fusco

Publishing as an act of performance; the materiality of language

By Sam Thorne

Independent publishing has seen a boom in new imprints, often designed by artists, of classic novels and ‘lost’ books

By Michael Bracewell

The Eloisa Cartonera publishing house’s novel response to the collapse of the Argentine economy

By Santiago García Navarro

(Or how not to confuse Whimsy or Camp with Ironic Kitsch)