The late artist Knud Viktor painted a sonic portrait of the non-human world

By Steven Zultanski

An immersive installation at Gasworks offers different modes of thinking about ‘the psychic inheritance of an experience for which one has no memor

By Derica Shields

For his first solo show at Gavin Brown’s enterprise, the artist’s five rapturous landscapes channel the cries of condemned and enslaved bodies unde

By Shiv Kotecha

The London-based sculptor’s new show at Kunstverein München delves into the queasy malleability of bodies

By Louisa Elderton

A Wunderkammer-like exhibition at The Hepworth Wakefield shows objects from all times and places alongside the artist’s own ceramic vessels

By Isabella Smith

A provocative exhibition at Casa Luis Barragán reframes the architect’s home and studio through his class and gay identity

By Evan Moffitt

The artist’s video installation at Berlinische Galerie sheds new light on female strategies of self-staging

By Grace Sparapani

Gaby Sahhar’s solo show explores London city life via pen-and-ink drawings and a video

By Gabriella Pounds

In her solo show at CCA Wattis, San Francisco, the artist invokes sports awards to critique our obsession with victory

By Travis Diehl
Tsuyoshi Ozawa, Jizoing, 1993/2019 (Futon structure),1988-1997 (Photographs), futons, c-print photographs. © Tsuyoshi Ozawa Courtesy: Blum & Poe, Los Angeles/New York/Tokyo

Two parallel exhibitions in LA, at Blum & Poe and Nonaka-Hill gallery, show how Japanese artists of the 1980s and ‘90s confronted Postmodernism

By Olivian Cha

Domènec’s show at adn galeria, Barcelona looks to the fraught legacies of Spain’s mass communal housing

By Max Andrews

This year’s biennial amplifies previously silenced voices, but the results are discordant

By Harry Thorne