Materialism, metaphysics and mysticism collide in the Shanghai-based artist’s maximalist installations

By Gary Zhexi Zhang


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Trisha Baga, Colonel Sanders With A Sunburn Taking An Eye Exam, 2016, glazed ceramic, 26 x 45 x 24 cm. Courtesy: Société, Berlin

Société, Berlin, Germany

By Matthew Evans

A slideshow of some of the highlights at Frieze New York this year

From Bugs Bunny to Peter Pan: the New York-based poet and artist shares a Portfolio of influential images

By Bunny Rogers
Bunny Rogers, Clone State Bookcase, 2014, maple wood, metal, limited-edition Elliott Smith plush dolls, ‘Ferdinand the Bull’ third-place mourning ribbons, casters, 246 × 309 × 61 cm

Société, Berlin, Germany

By George Vasey