Teju Cole

Ahead of the openings of EXPO Chicago and the 2019 Chicago Architecture Biennial, a guide to the most moving, relevant and astonishing shows around town

By B. David Zarley
Melissa Ann Pinney, Selan’s Beauty School, 1988. Courtesy: the artist

Chicago IL

18 Jul
29 Sep
Laboratory testing at Silicon Valley biotech start up Unity Biotechnology. Courtesy: the New Yorker; photograph: Grant Cornett

From eternal music to the secret of eternal life: what to read this weekend

By Paul Clinton

From Teju Cole's favourite albums to the burkini ban: what to read this weekend

By Paul Clinton
Chimurenga, 'We're All Nigerian!', Volume 8, December, 2005. Courtesy Chimurenga

Is it time to eschew the word 'criticism'?

Johannesburg,  2013, photograph by Teju Cole. Courtesy: Teju Cole

Walking with Teju Cole

By Sean O'Toole
Aaron Flint Jamison, editor of Veneer magazine, 2011 (photograph: David Senior)

Experimental magazines, absurdist writing and new fiction, the publishing highlights of 2011

By David Senior and Emily Stokes